Cynthia Hernandez's Portfolio


Adamson Collegiate Academy

My name is Cynthia Hernandez.I'm in Adamson Collegiate Academy.This Academy has been benefiting me from the beginning of my freshman year.This opportunity to get my associates degree is helping me to get better jobs in life.This academy has been around 3 year already,I'm proud to say i am the second generation of this academy.All my classes are Pre-Ap or AP, these classes are somewhat challenging.But overtime i think to having these classes help me to manage my time and have self-discipline.So you can technically these classes are an advantage.This academy is mainly about technology, finding way too prevent problems in coding and finally to advanced technology.I enjoy communnicating with the student and the teacher.Also I love coding, it alway a mystery went you change or edited the notepad and then you see how your page came out.

File Transfer Protocol

Ftp is a standard network protocol used for transfer of computur program files between a client and server on a computer network. The first step to do FTP is to open files,then type your page name in Quick access. After that a little page will show up, put your username and password.For example, i will put and then my password.after that open a another page of files,go to your http doc, then tranfer your file to the file that have network in the tittle.For example,if you want to transfer image,on the left should be the network and on the right is your http folders,open on the left in image, than on the right drag your image folder to the left image folder.